File Preparation

One of the most common problems occurring when printing from customer supplied files is improper Document Setup.

When starting a layout for a new job on your computer, the first thing you must set is DOCUMENT SETUP. It is incorrect to use a default document size if your actual finished job is a different size. You must always set the height & width to the exact finished, flat size of the printed job. Even if you are laying out a job to be run multiple up, set the document size to the outer correct trim for the multiple up job.

If you use a default document size and draw your own crop marks, accuracy in your job could be lost. The crop marks and registration targets are often too far off the printed sheet to be used at all. Hand drawn cut marks are often off by several pixels, and your job may be trimmed incorrectly.


All of our presses have a 3/8-inch gripper. Letterheads, envelopes, or any job not preplanned to run on oversized stock should not have art closer than 3/8-inch to any edge. Exceeding this margin is considered a bleed and may incur extra costs.

Bleed is easy to create in most programs by simply stretching an image or color box off the page by 1/8″ on the sides that bleed. This bleed is necessary when running color off the edge of the page to allow for any variation in the trimming of the final piece. If the color does not bleed, a white edge may appear after trimming.


Be careful to use the same spot color throughout the job. PMS123cv and PMS123cvu will not print out as the same color. You must be especially careful when placing eps graphics with embedded color, use the same PMS color to define other parts of your job.


Monitors vary widely in how they display colors. What you see on your monitor will vary from the final printed piece. Spot colors will match the PMS book but not necessarily your screen. On 4/color process, a final color proof is recommended.


Only your fonts are exact. In order to print your job properly, you must send us the fonts you used in your layout. Jobs that arrive without fonts may experience possible delays in production. While we do have a large library of fonts, we may not be able to match the one(s) you have chosen.. Also, since there are many different versions of the same fonts sold by different vendors, your font may not match our font of the same name.

Please be sure to provide all files needed for every font you use, both in your layout file and in any embedded illustrations (EPS files).

To send your font files to us simply copy them into a folder named fonts on the disk you send us. Be sure to send us all of the fonts you have used.

Files may be submitted on Flash Disk, CD, Uploaded, or small files (less than 5MG) may be Emailed.

File Formats
Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat PDFX1a. If you are not submitting a job in one of these formats, pleasecontact Bill prior to submitting files.


Take a very close look at your files to find out what fonts you need to send us. Remember that enclosed EPS files also need fonts to properly render. We may substitute similar fonts for missing ones in order to expedite the processing of your job. If this substitution causes text reflow, we will not be held responsible.

DIGITAL PROOFING – Proof your work online
We offer online proofing to help expedite your projects. It’s simple, all you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader and an e-mail account. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, please click the link above.