Mail marketing is a proven way to generate new leads for any business. Rockwell Printing offers full service mailing options to help you reach new customers, increase sales and achieve your marketing goals.

There are two main types of mailings that you can take advantage of: Every Door Direct Mail and traditional Market Mail. Both have benefits, and can be utilized in different ways to effectively meet your mailing needs.

Every Door Direct Mail  vs.  Traditional Market Mail

What’s the difference?

When you think of mailing, you probably think of addresses and stamps… And that’s pretty much what Market Mail is: A service that allows you to mail to a list of addresses. Every Door Direct Mail®, on the other hand, is a little different. Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM®, is a service that allows you to mail to every address on a given mail delivery route/zip code. Let’s take a closer look at how these two services compare.

 Target Audience

Targets Neighborhoods
Just Pick a Zip Code & Route

Advertise to certain geographic areas by choosing specific mail delivery routes. Every address in that mail route will recieve your mailer.
No mailing list is required.

Targets Individuals
Requires a Mailing List

Advertise to certain demographic by either purchasing a mailing list,
or using your own. This type of mail is not restricted by location
or mail delivery routes.

Product & Design

Oversized Postcards and Flats
Larger Area for Design

All that is needed to mail using EDDM® is a small indicia. Minimal space for addressing is needed, so you can utilize more advertising area. Full letter size flyers can be sent as an EDDM®.

Letters and Smaller Postcards
Restricted Area for Design

A blank area approximately 4 x 2.5 inches is required in the bottom right corner of each mail piece, where the address will be printed.


Flat Rate
18.9¢ Per Piece

Postage rate is always 20¢ per piece, regardless of the zip code,
mail delivery route, size or weight of the mail piece.

Rates Will Vary
Letter Rates: 30.5¢ – 36¢ Per Piece

Postage rates are based on many variables, such as size, weight and location that each piece is being sent. (*Stamps cost 63¢ each, so often market mail will give you a better deal than hand-stamping your own mail.)

Delivery Time

Usually 1-2 Days in our area.
Often next day.

Usually 1-3 Days in our area.

View the USPS Postal Service Standards

Every Door Direct Mail® and EDDM® are registered trademarks of the US Postal Service®.