Traditional Market Mail

Want to target an existing client base or more specific demographics? Then Market Mailing might be a better option for you than EDDM®. Market mail has certain size and quantity requirements (more than 200 pieces), but by utilizing this service, your mailing will qualify for bulk postage rates. This type of mailing is not restricted by location, zip codes, or mailing routes.

To get started you need to acquire a mailing list. If you do not have one, or are not sure how to purchase one, Rockwell Printing can help! We can provide you with mailing list purchasing options. We can generate lists based on many different demographics. Let’s say you offer a pool cleaning service. We can provide you with a local mailing list than includes all homeowners with a pool. Advertising a summer camp? We’ll get you a list of households with children in a specific age range. And the list goes on!

If you plan on sending us your own mailing list, there are some criteria that need to be met. We ask that you send us an Excel File that is formatted as shown to the right. “Name” may be separated into “First Name” and “Last Name,” if desired. Other columns that can be included are “Company” and “Address 2,” for addresses with two lines or an apartment number. Please note that “Address,” City,” “State,” and “Zip” must all be separate columns. You can download this Mailing List Template to get started.

How long will it take customers to recieve addressed Market Mail?
Follow these instructions and click the link below:

1. Leave Service as “Originating”
2. Select Market Mail
3. Select “931 Santa Barbara” for City/Zip

Click here to view the USPS Mail Delivery Standards map

Design Requirements

To send your mail as Market Mail, your mail piece should be considered letter size:
A letter size mail piece must be more than 3.5″ in height and 5″ in length, but cannot exceed 6″ in height and 11.5″ in length. The two most common market mail sizes are 6″ x 9″ and 5.5″ x 8.5″.

The design requirements for a Market Mail piece are a little more strict than for an EDDM piece. There must be a 2.5″ x 4″ blank space in the bottom right hand corner. This is where the address will go. There must also be a 1.25″ x 1.25″ area for the indicia in the upper right hand corner.

Not sure where to start when designing a postcard? We are here to help! Rockwell Printing offers fully customized design services tailored to your specific needs. Our design team will work one-on-one with you to bring your design to life. We also have years of experience in advertising and marketing, and can advise on effective wording and imagery combos to best showcase your business.

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