1. You will need to create “New Account” or “Login” if you already created your account.
    (The Account Contact should be the person we would need to contact with any questions regarding the order)
2. Select items that you would like to order and add them in the cart.
3. Go to cart, click checkout.
4. Be sure to “Read This” and enter your PO Number, add any special instructions to us, and you MUST enter a COVID delivery contact name and cell number so UPS can contact the receiving person if there are any COVID delivery issues.
5. Scroll down and enter your ship-to zip code, so shipping can be calculated. (Only then, will the payment area will appear below.)
6. Enter ship-to information, receiving address, receiver, receivers contact phone, etc.
7. Payment Options: select “Purchase Order: Enter Bill To Address
8. Enter billing information, your accounts payable contact email, address & phone.
9. Click Proceed.
10. This is where you ATTACH YOUR PURCHASE ORDER, click the *blue upload link next to any item you ordered, and browse to attach your PO.
11. Look over the final order to be sure everything is correct.
12. Click Submit Order.

You will 3 automatic email updates,
1) A conformation your order was placed.
2) A notice your job is going into production.
3) A shipment notification with tracking when your order ships.
We will never send any emails not directly related to this order.

If you have any problems, please call, we’ll be happy to walk you through the process on the phone. (805) 684-0013

* Sample Upload Link: